Affordable Monthly and Annual Membership Plans

What you will get

Suite of Training Courses

Administration, HR, Sales and Marketing, Managers, Supervisors, Personal development, Career Development, Workplace Essentials, MS Office, etc.

Multiple Membership Plans

Partner with us by becoming a member. Choose to pay monthly or annually.

Train Employees Globally

Conduct Training Online and Offline. Train in Classroom or Virtually. Let nothing stop you from training your employees.

Repeat Training Any Number of Times

No restriction on repeating each training any number of times. The Suite of Training is available for you 24/7, and 365 days a year.


Courses designed by International subject matter experts.


Easy to understand and skill-building through exercises.


Certificates for every employee on completion of Courses.

Take Charge of Employee Development

Training Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Number of Times

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Courses are easily accessible by any device, at any place, and anytime using internet.
  • Your employees can train remotely, in a classroom, or even learn personally on their own. Chose how you want to do it.
  • We have various membership plans available for every organization – both small and large.
  • Do not worry about designing, developing, and delivering high-quality corporate training by yourself. Leave that to us. We have you covered.
  • Just Login and Train.
Affordable Plan for Every Organization

Plans for at low as 25 employees to up to 100 employees.

Create Multiple Training Rooms

Managers can manage their own teams, create sub-teams, and create multiple classrooms to run simultaneously.

Full Power to Manage Training Rooms

Managers can add, remove and reinvite trainees in the training rooms.